Bhootnath Returns upcoming movie 

Bhootnath Returns : Here is an upcoming Bollywood movie named Bhootnath Returns which is full of Horror – comedy , drama and comedy – actions . The film Bhootnath Returns is directed by Nitesh Tiwari ( Director of the movie ) . Bhootnath Returns is co-produced jointly by Ravi Chopra and Bhushan Kumar . The film is consisting of Stars Amitabh Bachan , Boman Irani , Shahrukh Khan . Amitabh Bachan is doing the leading role in this movie Bhootnath returns and both Boman Irani and Shahrukh Khan in a supporting role with Amitabh Bachan . The shooting of the film Bhootnath Returns was started on 10th of October , 2013 . One of the famous song of this movie is composed by world famous Rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh . This movie Bhootnath Returns is set to release on 11th of April , 2014 . The title of the song composed by Yo Yo Honey Singh in this movie Bhootnath Returns is ” Party with Bhootnath “. This song ” Party with Bhootnath ” will soon became favorite of kids , not only of kids but also of their parents . Bhootnath Returns second song named ” party toh banti hai ” is composed by a 18 year old boy Palash Muchhal . The first trailer of the upcoming Bollywood Horror – comedy movie  Bhootnath returns was released on 26th of February , 2014 which is easily available to you on you – tube .

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Bhootnath Returns Star Cast 

Star Cast: 

  • Amitabh Bachan as Bhootnath

  • Boman Irani as supporting character
  • Shahrukh Khan as supporting character in a Cameo appearance            Bhootnath Returns
  • Anurag Kashyap
  • Usha Jadhav
  • Parth Bhalerao as Akhrot


The story of the whole movie Bhootnath Returns revolves around a small kid. The story is set in an urban , well-decorated , well – maintained  city . Bhootnath Returns features a fearless , kind , street kid . In this movie Bhootnath Returns ghost takes a corrupted politician against him by fighting elections . In this movie there is somewhat political relation , but overall is full entertainment for kids , elders , every one . Boman Irani is having the role of antagonist , who was challenged by ghost , Amitabh Bachan . During the shooting time ,it was very fun with Amitabh Bachan and Shahrukh khan and even with Boman Irani . All became very friendly , very close to each other .

Big B , Amitabh Bachan or you can say Bhootnath ( ghost ) will be seen as shaking and grooving for his movie Bhootnath Returns . Amitabh Bachan as evry one knows  is also known as Megastar  . As he has made uncountable Blockbuster movies . Shahrukh Khan as also known as Romance King will be seen in Cameo appearance in this movie Bhootnath Returns . Honey Singh the world famous Rapper was very excited in doing work with Amitabh Bachan ,Shahrukh Khan and Boman Irani . In this movie Bhootnath Returns he , Honey Singh is having a totally different look . He is having a Dracula look . He was very excited as was doing first time work for horror – comedy movie . After the shoot , Honey Singh also cut a birthday cake with Amitabh Bachan in advance , which was too yummy . This made a strong bonding between Mega star Amitabh Bachan and world famous Rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh . We can say Yo Yo Honey Singh had to forget his baggy pants , over sized hats for the role of Dracula in a Song . 

Here you have enjoyed Bhootnath Returns watch movie online free , HD video | Amitabh Bachan , Shahrukh Khan , Boman Irani , Rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh , Watch HD Wallpapers , Images  .

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  1. Bikram March 18, 2014 5:13 pm

    It is very nice article.. this article is about Amitabh Bachhan ‘s most awaited movie Bhootnath Returns. After Watching Trailer it seems that movie is going to be awesome.

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